YouTube playlist vs. video embeds

Playlist embeds get more views to your videos. Video embeds get more views to other people’s videos.

To grow faster, replace every video embed with a playlist embed in your blogs.

What is a playlist embed?

Playlist embeds show your videos above all YouTube-suggested videos!

To see this, click the “playlist embed” video title below

YouTube automatically plays your next video in playlist embeds with no action by the viewer unlike video embeds that suggest other people’s videos for the viewer to watch next.

Playlist embeds create new buttons in the YouTube player:

  • The “Next” and “Previous” buttons create a video series that you control
  • The “Playlist” button with three bars shows all videos in your playlist
To see the buttons, play the “Playlist embed” video below

Playlist embeds automatically update to show the first video in your playlist. Later, if you change the first video in your playlist on YouTube, the new video will instantly appear in all playlist embeds off-YouTube!

How to create a playlist embed

  1. Create an empty playlist on YouTube
  2. Add the video to embed to your playlist
  3. Set the playlist title to be same as (or similar to) the video title
  4. Add up to 4 other related videos to the playlist that you think your audience may enjoy
  5. Paste the YouTube playlist link in the WordPress editor to instantly show the playlist embed

Why only “up to 4 other videos”?

Anything more and the playlist shows a vertical scroll bar on YouTube. Best to keep playlists short so your audience watches every video. If there are too many, viewers may not watch any!

Playlist embed

To embed a playlist, paste a YouTube playlist link in the WordPress editor, like:
To see all the playlist embed benefits, click the video title to open in YouTube

The embedded video is always the first video in the playlist.

If you change the first video in the playlist on YouTube, every playlist embed shows the new video!

Video embed

To embed a video, paste a YouTube video link in the WordPress editor, like:
This is what you should STOP doing!

Use the WordPress editor, not a plugin

All you need is the latest WordPress editor that comes with many awesome blocks built-in to the WordPress core, also known as Gutenberg blocks.

You no longer need a page-builder plugin like Elementor.

Note: Elementor users must insert the “Text Editor” block and paste the YouTube playlist link in the left sidebar, not the central editor. The Elementor “Video” block does not support playlist embeds, tsk tsk!


Always use playlist embeds in your WordPress blog (or any website) to get the following benefits:

  • On YouTube, viewers see your videos above all YouTube-suggested videos
  • Embedded videos automatically change to show the first playlist video
  • YouTube automatically plays the next video in your playlist
  • The “Next” and “Previous” buttons play your videos in a series
  • The “Playlist” button shows all the videos in your playlist

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